Startup Clinic with Nick Yang - 3rd June 2012, 2pm-4pm.

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Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization Singapore (CEOs) is planning a “Startup Clinic” session this weekend with one of their mentors, Nick Yang, and they would like to invite startups/founders/entrepreneurs for the session.

Nick Yang co-founded, which sold to (NASDAQ:SOHU). After one and half year at as CTO, he left and co-founded KongZhong (NASDAQ:KONG), and brought the company from zero to IPO in 2 years and 2 months. He is now the Founder at Wukong. He is also an active Angel investor and involved in many internet and media companies in China. He has been featured in last year’s TechVenture:

The purpose of the “Startup Clinic” is for the entrepreneurs to post questions for Nick’s advices, in the meanwhile it’s a great opportunity for them to pitch to him. We believe it will be an enlightening session for those entrepreneurs interested in China market and/or internet media space.

It will be a small session planned on 3rd June 2-4pm at Coffee Bean located at Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road #01-45/46.

Please email your attendance to for a quick signup.

CEOs Event - What About Social Commerce

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Dear Friends,

Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization Singapore (CEOs) proudly presents to you the 8th episode of Experience China & Explore Opportunities - What About Social Commerce on 28 Mar 2011 (Mon).

Ever wonder how the group purchasing works and what is going on in social commerce? 
Join CEOs 2011share session and have a close discussion with

Jack Woo, Graduated from NUS in 2007 in Computer Engineering, Co-founder & CEO of CareerAlbum, Co-founder of BigDeal.SG

When: March 28th (Mon) 18:00-20:00 
Where: LT18, NUS School of Business, 1 Business Link
Admission is Free (with RSVP)
Please RSVP by 27th March 2011( 

Salon #2 - The Entrepreneur Psychology

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Our second CEOs Salon will focus on the topic of Entrepreneur Psychology.

Join us with our guest, Mr. Wu Di, who graduated from NUS and started his business when he was a university student. Currently, he is managing three companies, one education and two game companies. You may refer to their respective website to find out more information.

Ho Math and Chess Pte Ltd -
Manga Castle Pte Ltd -
2Evolved Pte Ltd -

As a young entrepreneur, Mr. Wu will share with us his experience of starting a business in campus. Through the interactive session, he will also help all potential entrepreneurs, like you, to build a very strong subconscious mind that can find a clear path to success despite the ever increasing noises that bother you all the time.

It will be a good chance for you to get in touch with young entrepreneurs, to meet people with similar minds, to explore the field of entrepreneurship and to look for your potential business partners. If you are interested, please register HERE.

Venturing China: Be There Physically and Be Immersed Culturally

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“Going to China” has become a cliché. One might ask now: “Yes, I know there is huge market there, and indeed I do want to go there! But how?” 

There is no fixed path for entrepreneurs to follow, but there are stories that we might refer to for our own exploration. 

In this episode of CEOs’ event, Mr. Lim Wee Khee, Director of SCCCI Shanghai Representative office, and Mr. See Yong Seng, Founder & CEO of Hanshijie Education & Technology Group, both Singaporeans who are now inhabiting in Shanghai, shared their experience and thoughts in venturing China. 

As a Director of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, an organization aims to help and promote Chinese Singaporeans’ business globally, Mr. Lim took the role for Shanghai Representative office last year for his over ten years’ experience in China. Different from those of businessmen, his story revolves more around interpersonal communication with Locals, and understanding of the culture from a comparatively macro point of view. While everybody knows “Guanxi”, the Chinese word for “relationships”, is important in China, Mr. Lim elaborated with his own experience: To establish a relationships or network, it should not be merely exchanging namecards and several follow-up emails; instead, one should immerge himself into the culture. Different from doing business in Singapore, businessmen in China will not talk about dealings upon networking dinner, instead they would rather be friends first, and business opportunities will present naturally afterwards. In fact, “Let things come naturally as your personal friendship and network being nurtured” was the emphasis of his sharing. 

Mr. See, however, is a very young entrepreneur who hasn’t been in China for many years, but his business is soaring for his hard efforts made. Summarizing his strategies with Deng Xiaoping’s words of wisdom, his presentation showed his endeavor to implant himself culturally into the country. His interpretation of “Wei Ji”, the Chinese word of “Crisis”, as “opportunities after danger” was significantly impressive. Nowadays people use this word only to express the meaning of “Danger”, ignoring the meaning of “opportunity”. It reflected his inborn optimism and discernment, which is crucial for an entrepreneur. 

In addition to Mr. Lim’s opinion on relationships, Mr. See pointed out that relationship is indeed important all around the world. It is only a cultural difference of how to build up the relationship, and hence of the most importance is to be culturally mixed with local environment. He also kept emphasizing that “You should physically be there” and bears it out by giving up offers from banks and Shell himself, and even moving his family to Shanghai. 

Audiences were blown away by both speakers’ down-to-earth entrepreneurial spirit and many lingered around after the Q&A session.

Contributed by CEOs Member Wu Jingxian.


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Robin Shu: Vice President, commodities department at Morgan Stanley. Graduated from Columbia University.

Kelvin See: Forex trader at Citibank. Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

Li Liangkun: Commodities derivatives, global markets at Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking. Graduated from University of Toronto.

Xiao Liangping: AVP, IT department at Barclays Capital.

Li Xiangnan: project finance, DBS, previously relationship manager (corporate banking) at DBS. Graduated from NTU. 

Tao Li: Management Associate, Deutsche Bank. Graduated from NTU

Wang Tianyi: Graduate Associate, consumer banking at Standard Chartered Bank. Graduated from NUS.


地点:Lecture Theatre 5, Nanyang Technological University (


备注:本次讲座提供点心茶歇: )




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  艾来得科技公司总裁许庆育来自台湾,目前是新加坡永久居民,新加坡台北工商协会名誉会长。他创办的艾来得科技公司从事金属冲压(metal stamping)业务,主要是为电脑厂商和电脑周边配件公司提供金属组件,例如电脑打印机、DVD光碟机、扫描器、LCD视屏等产品的组件,年营业额上亿元,多次获颁新加坡50家杰出企业奖。许庆育1993年从台湾到新加坡,公司在1997年加速发展,在短短5年内便先后在上海、马来西亚、苏州、台湾和越南设厂。2003年,公司在新加坡上市。许庆育的讲题是“我的公司的上市之路”。



What's Hot in China: The Soaring of IT in China

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As one episode of the events series during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Singapore, which aims to inspire the youth to embrace innovation and creativity, the event “What’s Hot in China” was co-organized by NUS Enterprise and two organizations led by NUS students, namely Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization Singapore (CEOs) and Shanghai House of Entrepreneurs NUS (SHEN). The event was hosted on 19 Nov 2010, with the aim of promoting awareness of the current trend in the China market.

Since most of the speakers are in China, the main venue has been set to Shanghai, where newly born companies gather. The branch venue in Singapore is selected to be NUS University Hall, as tertiary institutions are places where young and inspiring ideas arise. This long-distance two-venue conference itself manifests creativity and innovation, as it was realized by advanced technology - video conferencing.

On top of that, to facilitate the Q&A sessions for the video conferencing event, a newly developed Internet platform, Pigeonhole, was employed for the audience to post and vote for questions of their interests. The platform was developed by two young NUS entrepreneurs who are embarking on an inspiring entrepreneurial journey themselves.

Despite the fact that the focus of this event is on the China market, interested audience came from a wide range of countries including Singapore, China, India, Vietnam as well European countries. The topic attracted students and academic staff, from NUS and other institutes, as well as investors and individual businessmen.

So what’s hot in China? The lineup of speakers who are all actively involved in IT industry reflects the fact that IT business is soaring in China now.

The event commenced with opening address by the Director of NUS Entrepreneurship Center, Prof. Wong Pah Kam. Prof Wong pointed out the importance of innovations in this information era, followed by a brief overview on how and why China of of particular interest on the topic.

Afterwards, Mr. Dixon Yuan, the Founder and CEO of YesMyWine, shared his experience of developing YesMyWine, the online platform selling imported wine. Mr. Yuan explained how YesMyWine differentiates itself from online customer-to-customer (C2C) platforms such as by focusing on brand building and customer education, as well as the initiatives YesMyWine have taken to build dedicated distribution channels in various cities to cater for the needs from customers from all over China.

After a short intermission, Mr. Andre Pan, Co-founder and Managing Director of Branding Strategy, moderated the discussion with the panel consists of three entrepreneurs from China’s Internet start-up companies: Mr. James Tan from, Mr. Fang Yi from MR Tech and Mr. David Liu from

The panel shared that it is not necessary to have the idea and product well developed before execution. Mr. Fang Yi took his own companies as an example and explained how they tried to research and develop at the same time. The panel also recommended to take advantage of the short development cycle of IT product so as to rapidly develop and change the produce in order to better serve the demands of the customers. The panel also cautioned the audience that although there are good ideas proven to work in other markets, such as the USA, they do not necessarily suit China market directly. Adaption and execution are critical in bringing such ideas to China market, where the competition level may be quite high.

The event concluded with an networking session, where audience discussed take-aways from the event as well. It is clear that IT is getting increasingly popular now, but as many people heading towards it, the competition level is also becoming increasingly fierce. To achieve success, one should always keep creative, innovative, well informed and swift to adapt and react to changes.

Contributed by CEOs Members: Wu Jingxian, Li Zhige, Xia Fan

Entrepreneurial Relief and Disaster Recovery Conference and CrisisCamp Singapore Workshop

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Entrepreneurial Relief and Disaster Recovery Conference and CrisisCamp Singapore Workshop
Disaster recovery with dignity, inclusion, innovation and generation and distribution of wealth.
Social entrepreneurship experiences and opportunities in Haiti, Chile, Indonesia and Myanmar.
Seminar Room, Level 1, iCube Building, National University of Singapore
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore
Monday Nov. 15, 6pm-10pm

Join us for a revolutionary approach to disaster relief and re-building the lives of those affected by disaster and their communities through their active participation in the creation of business, wealth and job opportunities.

You will be able to explore and pitch your business ideas for current real-life needs, challenges and opportunities in the field and have them matched to local partners in disaster areas.

Date, Time and Venue

Monday Nov. 15, 6pm-10pm
Seminar Room, Level 1, iCube Building, 
National University of Singapore
21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs, Business Information Technology, Medical, Education and Social Science Students and Faculty Members.
Anyone interested in volunteering and helping survivors of the recent disasters.

Format and Logistics

The first segment will be a 45 minutes conference introducing Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Relief, including field experiences and specific challenges and opportunities for more efficient intervention.

The following 60 minutes will be spent listing and identifying needs in the fields, discussing how to address them through an entrepreneurial approach, pitching the ideas to others and matching them with local partners in the field.

Danny Widodo (NUS student and documentary film maker) will be reporting and joining us live from the field in Indonesia for the event.

The last 2 hours will be a hands-on exercise on planning and implementing the ideas formulated in the previous 60 minutes.

We have already set up a donations and support page on Give.sgThose ideas that move forward will get their own project page for fundraising on

Entrepreneurial Relief: A Global Movement

This is the first stop on a global tour to jump-start and promote awareness onEntrepreneurial Relief and identify and connect partners, ideas, needs and local action.

This workshop will be followed by a similar workshop the next day at Stanford University (web and Facebook). It is part of our celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Sign-Up and Participate

This event is open to the public and there is no fee to participate.

Although there is no need to pre-register, please confirm attendance on our Facebook event page, so we can plan accordingly for your participation. And join our Relief 2.0 Facebook group for more information.

If you are not in the area, you will be able to join us via Skype (add carlosmirandalevy as contact) and follow us via this page here at and

Hosted by

Coordinated by

  • Carlos Miranda Levy
    • Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Centre (2010-2011), Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University 2004-2005, Google Developing World Scholarship recipient 2004, acknowledged by CNN as one of Latin America's top 20 most influential people on the Internet (2000).
    • Coordinator of Relief 2.0 and
    • Coordinator of over 12 missions to Haiti and an efficient relief support network using social media, mobile technology and independent field units with local stakeholders.
    • Extensive field experience and given conferences and workshops in over 15 countries covering Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, USA and Asia, in the fields of human development, public policy, education, technology, social entrepreneurship, social media and networks, creativity, innovation, and open and collaborative content since 1996. My consulting work includes ICT Public Policies, National ICT Strategies and National Education Portals funded by United Nations, World Bank, IADB and local governments in 10 countries.
  • Margarita Quihuis
    • Director of Peace Innovation Lab @ Stanford, Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, Coordinator of the EPIC Global Challenge.
  • Mark Nelson

Public URLs

Related Twitter Info

  • Hashtags: #Relief20 #CrisisCampSG #Indonesia
  • Users to Follow: @Relief20 @CrisisCampSG @CarlosMiranda @MSQuihuis

CEOs Event - the Developing World Oct 30 2010

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Dear Friends:

        We just had a great session with Denise & Fritz from last week on the evening of Oct 21. For those that attended the event, thank you for your support! Hope you also had a great one like we did. For those who missed it, no worries! We have another event for you this weekend. 

        Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization Singapore (CEOs) proudly presents to you our 5th episode of Experience China & Explore Opportunities - the Developing World on Oct 30th (Sat). We know it is a Saturday. We're sure that your strong interests and enthusiasm will bring you to join us and be part of our third event of this academical year. 

The Developing World

Ever wonder how to adapt to the rapid changes and catch the opportunities in the developing world?
Join CEOs’ 2010 Experience China & Explore Opportunities Episode5 - the Developing World and have a close discussion with Fredrik Härén, founder of and author of the book - the developing world.

Fredrik Härén is a Swedish entrepreneur, publisher and author who now lives in Singapore. He is the founder of a creativity company called, and has been invited to speak on creativity in over 1000 sessions to people in more than 30 countries. He was awarded "Speaker of the Year" in Sweden, and was selected as one of "Sweden's 100 most inspiring persons" by the magazine "Leva". He was selected one of "10 Sweden's most sought after business-to-business speakers". Fredrik has written a total of 7 books.
Here is a link to some of Fredrik's speeches' short clips and Interview :

About was founded in 2000 by Fredrik Härén and Teo Härén (twin brothers). The company’s business idea is to inspire people to have more and better ideas. helps people and organizations to develop their creativity. This is done though creativity products such as books and through creativity services such as corporate training, speeches and seminars. The company has been extremely successful in Scandinavia and is now looking at setting up a global head quarter in Singapore to handle the growing demand for its products from around the world. For more information, please visit

About Fredrik's book - The developing world
In a world that is changing at a swift and furious pace, traditional knowledge is fast losing its value. As our world stands on the brink of an idea explosion, it is our ability to absorb new knowledge and come up with new ideas - and to make them come true - that is ever-increasingly important.


Fredrik Härén has spent the last 3 years interviewing more than 200 people in 20 countries (from China and South Korea to Turkey and South Africa) about this change and what changes people have to do to be able to handle it. 
  • What will this rapid change lead to?
  • What problems do today’s’ organizations face when it comes to adapting to the speed of change?
  • What can we learn from the people who are best at adapting to change?
  • What are the advantages of living in a Developing Country when it comes to adapting to this change, and what can the Developed World learn?

When: October 30 (SAT) 14:00-16:00 
Where: RMI-SRL1-Seminar Room @ Level 1, 21 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, I3 Building, NUS (map here)
Admission is Free (with RSVP) Please RSVP by 29 Oct 2010 @

For general enquiry, please feel free to email us at

If you are interested in getting involved with planning and organizing future CEOs events, please DO NOT hesitate to email us at


About CEOs

Chinese Entrepreneurship Organization Singapore (CEOs) ®C This organisation aims to build strong ties between Singapore and China, to help young Chinese entrepreneurs succeed. CEOs aims to raise the interest in business opportunities present in Singapore and China, as well as expose students to the business landscape, culture, etiquette and development of both countries. This will be done through a number of activities such as student/ businessman/ Chinese entrepreneur sharing events, business trips to China and arranging Chinese visitors to come to Singapore. CEOs will help to increase cross-investments in both countries, establish business partnerships and collaborations, as well as boost business tourism.

CEOs Event - Entrepreneurship in China: Myths & Realities

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Ever wonder how to build and develop an online business in China? 
Come and join us to hear about the Story - China's largest travel website, 
to reveal the myths & realities of Chinese Entrepreneurship!

About Denise Peng 

Denise Peng has nearly ten years of working experience on China’s Internet and search engine technology. In the past decade, she has accumulated rich experience on sales, marketing and commercial operation. Now, Denise Peng is working in Beijing as the Executive Vice President of, China's largest travel web site, to be mainly responsible for business development.

Prior to joining in, Denise Peng, one of the founders of, was preliminarily responsible for the plan and technology implementation of, and then became the Multimedia and Interaction Director to take charge of relevant business cooperation and technology implementation.

Born in Beijing, Denise Peng was a bachelor of Information Processing and Smart Identification at Harbin Institute of Technology and minored in enterprise management. In the spare time, she likes swimming and watching films.

About is China's largest travel web site that focuses on providing the most comprehensive and accurate information for travel services. Launched in May 2005, Qunar has quickly been recognized as one of the "established stars" in the Chinese online travel space. The company generates 42 million UV's per month. Qunar searches over 700 Chinese online travel web sites covering more than 60,000 hotels and 12,000 domestic and international flights. Qunar means "where are you going?" in Mandarin Chinese. For more information, please visit

when: Oct 21, Thu, 6pm-8pm
where: SDE 421, SDE 3, Level 4, 6 Architecture Drive, NUS Campus, Singapore (see map below or click here)

Please RSVP via by Oct 21, Thursday 4pm. 
(Promotional Code: CEOs2010)

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