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SoC: China Workshop Sept 21, 2010

posted Sep 7, 2010, 12:03 PM by Yanxing David Ding


China's Internet and Media Market
Perspectives from Five Chinese Internet Entrepreneurs

Date: 21 September 2010, Tuesday
Time: 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue: NUS School of Computing
Lecture Theatre 15 (LT15), AS6 Level 1
Location of map and driving instructions here

Organised by NUS School of Computing ▪ Supported by NUS Enterprise & CISAA

JIANG Mingliang
Co-Founder & COO
Asia Network Ventures (ANV)
Synopsis of Talk
Bill YAO
Founder & President
Synopsis of Talk
Henry HUA
Chairman & CEO
NCsoft China Co Ltd
Synopsis of Talk
Lerry ZOU
Founder & CEO
Synopsis of Talk
John WU
Venture Partner, Northern Light Venture Capital
Former Chief Technology Officer, Alibaba Group
Panel Discussion


Perspective 1:

A Singapore Startup in China: From Newcomer to Big League Player in Four Years


Jiang Mingliang
Co-founder & COO, ANV
NUS Computing Class of 1999


A Japanese, a Korean and a Singaporean embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in China in early 2006. They started with very little resources -- no more than what they have been equipped with from university plus a little over an average of seven years of working experience each. Through a series of strategisation, fund-raising, mergers and acquisitions, and careful executions, the three foreign men have grown their little startup into one of China's largest private TV shopping companies by the end of 2009. The holding group they founded -- Asia Network Ventures(ANV) -- spans these media/retail sectors: TV Shopping, Logistics, Marketing and TV Content distribution. ANV's combined turnover last year exceeded RMB 300 million.

Co-founder and COO of ANV, Jiang Mingliang, will talk about the lessons he learnt from doing business in an emerging market like China. He will also talk about the pitfalls to avoid and share some sound guidelines he and his partners have employed in their startup.

Perspective 2:

PPLive: From Campus Start-up to China Online Video Market Leader


Bill Yao
Founder & President, PPlive


The online video market in China has seen rapid growth in recent years, and is expected to be worth some 20 billion US dollars in the next three years. PPLive, a well-known internet TV services provider in China, is the largest online video interactive entertainment media platform in the country, serving 180 million users and providing a coverage that extends to Chinese communities worldwide. A pioneer in this fast-growing industry, PPLive has maintained its lead by serving up cutting-edge experiences with its high quality and copyright protected full-length video contents in sports, film, drama and television. Its services cover PC, connected TV and mobile TV platform.

Powering PPLive is a world-class peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming technology created by PPLive founder Bill Yao when he was a university student six years ago. In this talk, Bill will discuss the growth trend of China’s digital media market, and share his experience in technology and business model innovation. He is keen to talk to young people, with the hope of inspiring them to pursue their dreams of starting their own business.

Perspective 3:

The Dilemma of the Online Gaming Business in China


Henry Hua
Chairman & CEO, NCsoft China Co Ltd


The online gaming business in China is a paradox to many people. It is one of the few proved business models built on the Internet platform, and more than 10 online gaming start-ups are listed in the market. However, their average private equity (PE) is about 10 -- far less than other listed China Internet companies. What is happening? Who should take the lead: the publishing company or the development company? Can we win with one big title or many small ones? What is the future: the item-based business model or the time-based subscription model? Who is the real king: content or platform? Why do some foreign players(like WOW) win? Why do some foreign players (including many Korean companies) lose? Big players now dominate the market; is there room for new players?

Henry Hua, Chairman and CEO of NCsoft China Co Ltd will share his insights on China’s online gaming business from his professional experience in the past years. He will offer an understanding of future business opportunities and suggestions for the new comers to the industry.

Perspective 4:

The Making of a Business SNS in China


Lerry Zou
Founder & CEO,

Synopsis: was set up in 2004 as one of the first Business SNS companies in China. Over the past six years, Lerry Zou and his team has built Wealink into China's Linkedin, the largest Business SNS service in this new market. Wealink has become a powerful tool in helping people develop business relationships. Fresh college graduates, in particular, have relied on the service to kick-start their careers. That track record has prompted venture media Red Herring to count Wealink among the top 100 private businesses in Asia.

Lerry Zou, Founder and CEO of Wealink, will speak on his experiences in building a successful Web 2.0 startup. From his Wealink perspective, he will answer a range of pertinent questions, including: How to identify the user requirements? How to design the product and rapidly improve on it? How to carry out marketing with limited resources?

Panel Discussion:

Future Opportunities and Challenges in China’s Internet and Media Market

Jiang Mingliang, Lerry Zou, Henry Hua, Bill Yao and John Wu