Episode 5 - "The Developing World"

In a world that is changing at a swift and furious pace, traditional knowledge is fast losing its value. As our world stands on the brink of an idea explosion, it is our ability to absorb new knowledge and come up with new ideas - and to make them come true - that is ever-increasingly important.


Fredrik Härén has spent the last 3 years interviewing more than 200 people in 20 countries (from China and South Korea to Turkey and South Africa) about this change and what changes people have to do to be able to handle it. 
  • What will this rapid change lead to?
  • What problems do today’s’ organizations face when it comes to adapting to the speed of change?
  • What can we learn from the people who are best at adapting to change?
  • What are the advantages of living in a Developing Country when it comes to adapting to this change, and what can the Developed World learn?
Come and join us at the CEOs Episode 5 and listen to Mr Haren and find out the answers to the questions above.


Fredrik Härén is a Swedish entrepreneur, publisher and author who now lives in Singapore. He is the founder of a creativity company called interesting.org, and has been invited to speak on creativity in over 1000 sessions to people in more than 30 countries. He was awarded "Speaker of the Year" in Sweden, and was selected as one of "Sweden's 100 most inspiring persons" by the magazine "Leva". He was selected one of "10 Sweden's most sought after business-to-business speakers". Fredrik has written a total of 7 books.



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