Episode 8 - What About Social Commerce

RSVP Mar 28th, What About Social Commerce

The Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization Singapore (CEOs) proudly brings you our 8th episode of Experience China & Explore Opportunities Series - What About Social Commerce.

Ever wonder how the group purchasing works and what is going on in social commerce ? Join CEOs 2011share session and have a close discussion with: 

Jack woo:

Graduation from NUS in 2007 in computer engineering

Co-founder & CEO of CareerAlbum

Co-founder of BigDeal.SG

Date: March 28th (Mon) Time: 18:00-20:00 Venue: LT18 @10 Kent Ridge Crescent (S)119260, NUS Admission is Free (with RSVP). Please RSVP by 28th March 2011(http://rsvp.ceo-s.org/episode8). If you are interested in getting involved with planning and organizing future CEOs events, please DO NOT hesitate to email us at join@ceo-s.org.


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