Open Salons

CEOs Open Salon Series 

encourage open sharing and discussion on startup ideas and interets in China & Singapore. 

Open Salons will commence in September 2010.


CEOs Salon Episode 1 - Lean Startup will take place on the evening of Sep 9, 2010, Thursday. 
For more information, please click or the subpage link below. 

"Open" here means open mind. You're encouraged to keep an open mind and share your views/ideas/passion at the Salon. 

Salon Format A:
  1. Topic will be set prior to events. (Participants of the past are encouraged to propose new topics.)
  2. Open for RSVP 1 week before Salon date & 15 people will be selected to participate. 
    [Selection will be based on your sharing & RSVP timestamp (first-come-first-serve), as we believe and strongly encourage discussions that can benefit all participants.]
  3. A brief Introduction of the topic by one participant, voluntarily. 
  4. Self-introduction of participants. 
  5. Sharing & Discussion.
    Each one will have some air time to share your ideas/thoughts to begin and continue the discussion. 
  6. Closing statements by participants (one full sentence or three points)
  7. After-Salon Networking

Salon Format B: (to be updated)